I’m Jota✌🏻 a Digital Product Designer based in Madrid (ES).

I’m a solution-oriented guy who enjoys helping people to get results for digital products through Product Design by creating nice and functional user-centric products & services with a high business impact. I really enjoy working for business clients that have yet to embrace the digital world or, even better, those who have begun to explore but have not fully reached their potential 💪🏻

My experience includes working in Energy 🔋, Banking💰, and Telecomms📱 industries where I developed digital strategies focused on helping Business to improve products and relationships with clients. I’m always ready for new challenges and work closely with all kinds of teams (I enjoy learning of different profiles to enrich my own), either as a freelance, in-house team, or agency studios.

As designers we should act a bit like craftsmen; start from a solid idea and then embellish it. We have the task of converting concepts into structures, and structures in visual formulations. And all this, appreciating the value of systemic design and emotional narrative. That passion for the systematization of beauty and language surely comes from my passion for typography. Digital experiences always have to deliver valuable engagement with the client’s brand.

Why don’t we work together?


And now some personal info (you are forwarned, so don’t blame me):

  • I’m a 90’s Kid 📟who 🗣 🇪🇸🇺🇸 & (ein bisschen 🇩🇪)
  • I want to be a Digital Nomad 💻 so I appreciate remote companies.
  • I also do stuff like Lettering 🖍, Calligraphy ✍🏻, and Type design 🔡(I started doing it for a living but now I just do it for fun).
  • I’m an Eclectic Music Listener 🎧 (Classic, Jazz, Ambient, Punk, Hip-hop, Funk, Ambient, Garage Rock, Indie) because I didn’t want to continue playing Piano (8 years of classical were enough for me).
  • I’m into 🍻🧀✈️🏝🌱🐕🎧🚴🏻‍♂️💨💨💨
  • My life quote: “Take your pleasure seriously.” Charles & Ray Eames

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